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All music, words, graphics and any other contents © POCO DROM 2016


Poco Drom family sing-alongs are an interactive performance that will have kids and their adults hopping, squeaking, wiggling and ROARing along! I hold regular sing-alongs in Devon and Bristol, check out the Calendar page for more info.


I've performed for wildlife groups, theaters, schools and nurseries, libraries, community groups and have played in venues from forests to steam trains. This summer I'll be performing at Tribe of Doris.

I love a good party and nothing makes a good party like singing animal songs!


I perform regularly at parties throughout the year and I don't just mean for children! Visit my PARTIES page for more info and to fill our a form sending me details of your event. I'll get back to you asap with a quote.  

CLICK HERE for my calendar page that has info on my regular and one off performances.


Get in touch via the CONTACT page to enquire about a booking.

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Every month I now hold a virtual live online family sing-along so don't worry if you can't get along to a regular performance you can join in too!


The sing-alongs are streamed live on a website called StageIt. CLICK HERE to find out when the next online sing-along will be and all the info and stuff.

See you there poco animals!!!

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